Our Services include Formwork, Steelfixing, Concrete Finishing & Groundworks

Site Management

Noble Civil Engineering are a company with 30+ years experience in the construction industry. It’s this wealth of knowledge and experience attributed to our own people, as well as a nucleus of specialist sub-contractors and external consultants that sets us apart from the competition, and results in a complete commitment to meeting clients’ requirements.

maintenanceMaintenance Contracts

We can provide 24/7 maintenance contracts for public, private, local authority or facilities management sectors, covering general building work, carpentry and joinery, plumbing and heating, electrical work, mechanical installations and decoration.

Confined Space Work

Noble Civil Engineering are fully qualified to work in substantially enclosed spaces where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances, explosives or lack of ventilation. If you are unsure if your areas fall into these categories, please call us for further advice – we are more than happy to help.

Formwork Joinery


Noble Civil Engineering are established and experienced formwork, reinforcement and concreting contractors. We undertake all types of formwork joinery, from traditional timber, to engineered formwork systems, and to pre-fabricated systems. We are able to work to your exact specifications and requirements, whether it includes full labour, plant and machinery, and materials, providing enough flexibility to take care of any formwork contracts.

Steel Fixing

We are also fully qualified steel fixers and are able to install reinforcement bars and concrete according to your exact drawing specifications. We are proud of our record in working successfully with our clients both on- and off-site and have worked on numerous projects installing steel above and below ground, and with projects requiring pre-fabricated reinforcement or complex structures.

Concrete Finishing

concreteNoble Civil Engineering have carried out all kinds of concrete finishing for many clients, including large floors, concrete slabs, and columns, with a variety of finishes across a broad spectrum of construction projects. We have a wealth of experience in this area and offer a top quality concreting finishing service and are a team committed to working to the highest standards.

Groundworks, Drainage & Reinstatement

Preparation is the most important part of any successful  project and Noble Civil Engineering have extensive experience on what is required. We are able to carry out all necessary work for our clients from excavation and foundation work, to drainage and surface reinstatements. Our team is happy to work on projects of any size with the same attention to customer satisfaction.